Crypto currency loans

We have always relied on the banks and the other centralized financial institutions for the borrowing and lending of capital. With the advent of the crypto currencies, there has been a drastic makeover in the financial system. The crypto currency has paved a path for a completely new world in the financial domain.
The method of peer to peer borrowing and lending of capital has come up in the present crypto currency domain. Several companies and business ventures have started realizing the importance of crypto currency and have started using the ideas as well. If you are concerned about the crypto currency loans, you will be happy to know that there are several available options. Image


If you are looking for a capital lending platform for blockchain based loans, SALT is the option to opt for at the moment, CRYPTO BARQAT keeps updating which is the best one in the real time and which ones have been found to be fraud. For SALT, as for now one can become a member by purchasing ERC20 SALT tokens. The membership allows you to offer the Bitcoin and other crypto currency assets as a security pledged for the loan repayment. Finally, you are allowed to borrow money from the vast network of lenders available in the platform. Once you pay the loan back, you get back your crypto as well as the borrower. The best part is that there are no penalties for prepayment.

More lenders can help you realize your loan approval

The capital lending platform doesn�t make any assurance with respect to the sufficient amount of liquidity accessibility for every loan request made in that very moment. This is the case even with the borrowers who are approved for the loan. In case, you are not satisfied with the capital that is lent out by the lenders of SALT platform, you need to wait for more lenders entering the system and making the availability of the funds.

The price tag of SALT tokens

When you explore the price of one SALT token, it is tagged at $25. You can presently purchase the SALT tokens only within the platform. But, the tokens are also available on varying exchanges. You can trade the SALT tokens at $4 at other exchanges. Based on the size of your loan, the annual fee will be decided. The annual fee is arranged in a tier system, with the top level covering 100 SALT tokens and at the bottom with 1 SALT token. The 100 SALT tokens cover up to $1,000,000 and the 1 SALT token allows you borrow $10,00. There are several other tiers in between the topmost and the bottom level.

The varying interest rates

Depending on the loans you opt for, the interest rates will be different, ranging between 10% and 15%. When you apply for a loan, there are options available and you can choose the one that suits your requirements the best. The lenders at SALT need to pass the SALT Lending Suitability Test, and are considered as the Accredited Investors under Regulation D of 17 CFR 230.501 et seq. You are not allowed to transfer the loans through the blockchain technology. This makes it evident of the fact that the loans are securities that can be transferred only via the present financial mediums.

Unchained Capital

It is more or less similar to the SALT lending platform. You can get loans against your Bitcoin or other crypto currency capital. When compared to SALT, you can easily find the details and information on the Unchained Capital on the official website. The details include:

  •    The tenure of loan is between 3 months to 24 months and there is an option to renew as well.
  •   The interest rate is at 10% to 14% APR.
  •   The loan to value ratio is noted as 50%. You can borrow the loan at $1 for each, and then deposit $2 as capital.
  •   Without any credit check, you have the option to borrow a loan up to $1 million.
  •   You need to make month wise payments on the interest.
  • The Unchained Capital is said to be working in close association with the authorized or the licensed investors and some small institutions. Their main focus is to reach out to their partners to work in compatible with them. The licensed investors and smaller institutions don�t have any public call for the other investors. The investors who seem to be interested, can get in touch and start working in partnership.

    Image Othera

    It is through the blockchain technology that the digital loan contracts are facilitated. There are risk factors that are handles carefully and the repayment cashflow is tokenized. Recently, there has been an announcement regarding the partnership of Othera with Lendhus, a London based commercial real estate lending company. There are news going around that some big things are under proves, though the website doesn�t imply much information, and there are no tweets regarding the same as well. It is also not clear whether Othera, as the crypto loan lending platform is still in the operational mode or not. On reaching out to the Othera representatives, there has been no response as well.


    As a money lending platform, the EthLend is considered as a more free market approach. The platform can connect both the borrowers and the lenders and they can thereby negotiate and discuss on everything, starting from the tenure of the loan, to the interest rates and more. The platform is completely based on the designs of Ethereum. As a collateral, any other ERC20 tokens are allowed against the loan. In case, a borrower, you fail to follow the terms and conditions of the contracts, all your collateral assets will be confiscated as a penalty.

    When you follow the entire working system of EthLend, you will find that there are similar other setups with the peer to peer fiat lending options available in the present market. There is always some discounts on ether, and the price rate is also fluctuating in the current market. Hence, it is not at all clear eefarding the token cost of EthLend. The main aim of offering the tokens is to access with discounts on the total fees that is charged on the user in order to make use of the capital lending platform.

    Advantages of EthLend

  •   The traditional lending platforms don�t allow you any kind of cross border lending. But, the EthLand allows you with easy and hassle free cross border transactions. You can lend and borrow money all across the globe.
  •   You don�t need to necessarily have a bank account in order to initiate lending and borrowing of capital. When you are using the EthLend platform, all you need is an internet connection and Ether. You will be allowed to lend and borrow money unbanked.
  •   If you hold on to the crypto currency tokens, for a long term, you can acquire rewarding profits.
  •   The traditional lending institutions are time consuming and even complicated with all the paperwork, credit evaluation, abiding by the system and so on. It can take up to a month to get your loan. EthLend helps you to get your loans at a much faster rate.
  • Image Everex

    Everex is an excellent medium that allows you to transfer, borrow and trade in any fiat currency across the globe. The EVX token offers a multiple of functions in the micro finance space and payment program. You need to have the EVX token ownership in order to get an access to the whole system and also be able to make incentives or rewards. It is the same EVX tokens that is also operated as the collateral for the secured lending of capital. If you are interested in using the money lending platform, it is necessary to either use the web service of Everex, or install its mobile wallet.

    Advantages of Eeverx

  •   There is a transparency in the functioning of the platform. You can easily get to know about the transaction cost, the fees charged, the location of the funds transferred and so many other details.
  •   You don�t have to abide by the strict rules and regulations of the centralized banks and lending financial institutions.
  •   The cross border transactions are easy and hassle free with the Everex platform.
  •   Thanks to the Blockchain technology, as it helps in faster and more efficient transactions.
  •   The presence of the auditable networks help in the trust build up and transparency among the users.
  •   The whole functioning gives a user friendly experience.
  • CoinLoan

    In case, you are looking for an innovative and modern lending platform where you can keep your crypto currency assets as a collateral, there is perhaps no better option than the CoinLoan. The platform gives any user the option of becoming the lender as well as the borrower. It is claimed that the CoinLoan has the lowest interest rates on the loans sanctioned. What is the reason behind? It is because the lenders on the platform assures the complete fund repayment and doesn�t include any risks of default.

    Advantages for lenders

  •   There is an automatic fund management.
  •   The risk factors are minimal.
  •   There is no hurdle in becoming a lender. You don�t need any license.
  •   The terms and conditions set for the loans are flexible in nature.
  •   The loan can be offered in multiple currencies.
  •   There is an absolute security of the funds because of the legal status of the platform�s infrastructure.
  •   The platform is international in approach
  • Advantages for borrowers

  •   There is a flexibility in the terms and conditions of borrowing money.
  •   The entire process is completely automatic in nature.
  •   There is every option of refinancing.
  •   No credit check will be done to prove your loan payment potential.
  •   You can easily withdraw or deposit funds.
  •   You can close the loan at any time of your tenure.
  •   Instant issuing of plastic and virtual cards are possible in the platform.
  •   In case, you are in need of fiat money, you don�t have to anymore sell the crypto currencies.
  • Image

    The distinction between CoinLoan and other capital lending platforms

  •   CoinLoan offers you with the lowest interest rate.
  •   The receiving and providing of micro loans is very much possible.
  •   The lenders and borrowers within the platform gets an international exposure.
  •   There is 100% absence of risks an assurance of loan repayment by the lender.
  •   Instant loan application proceedings.
  •   There is no license required for the borrowers and lenders.
  •   The financial solvency of the borrower is not evaluated.
  •   Withdrawing and depositing of funds is seamless.
  •   Loans are provided against your crypto currency assets.
  • The college students are experimenting with crypto currencies using the education loans

    There are reports that there are tons of higher education or college students who are experimenting in Bitcoin and other crypto currency investment with their education loans. Crypto currencies are volatile in nature, but the students with their educational loans are able to do it. This is because some of the funds are utilized for living expenses, which falls under the category that is flexible and also covers the basic requirements.

    Is it smart and legal to invest in the crypto currencies by the college students from their education loans?

    It is definitely a big surprise to find that the college students are so willingly investing and buying the crypto currencies. Such a move had led to the rise in the profit of crypto currencies, mainly, Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple and others in 2017. It was recorded an all time high in December 2017. Now, the question, whether it is a smart and a smart decision by the college students? There is such specific answer, and quite difficult to say as well.

    Furthermore, there are several questions popping up in respect to the legality of investing in crypto currencies using the education loan by the college students. It is absolutely not allowed by the Department of Education regulations, as the living expenses during the course of education has to be associated with the education. When it is not allowed by the department, it is better to avoid using the education loan in investing the Bicoin and other digital currencies.

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