The crypto currency payment service has become a huge hit among the merchants from all over the world. More and more business enterprises and firms are making using of crypto currency, particularly Bitcoin as one of the modes of payment transactions. In case, you have an online or an offline business, you should consider using the crypto currency payment services as well.


Borderless payment services are available

When the businesses accept the crypto currency payment gateways as a mode of transactions, it becomes easier for the customers to trade in exchange of goods and services. After all, in the present financial domain, the crypto currencies are immensely popular. The best part about the crypto currency payment services is that it is borderless, without compromising on the security of the transactions taking place. Thanks to the blockchain technology on which the crypto currencies function.

The payment gateway automatically converts the currency

As a customer, when you make a purchase using a crypto currency as the mode of payment, the transaction gets delivered via the payment gateway at a fixed exchange rate. Furthermore, the payment also gets converted into the fiat or traditional currency. This definitely helps the merchants to avoid situations where there can be price volatility of the digital currency market.

Storing of digital coins in the wallet is possible as long as possible

In fact, there are some crypto currency payment gateways that don�t allow for the automatic conversion of the digital currency into the traditional currency. In such a situation, the merchant has the right to store the digital coins as long as they want inside their choice of crypto currency wallet. The fund stays absolutely safe and secure.

Integration of the crypto currency payment gateways

Crypto currency payment gateways have the advantage of offering lower transaction fees when compared to the conventional credit card payment systems. There are tools used that can be easily customized and also offer native dashboards. This helps in the easy tracking of the payments done. Integration of the crypto currency payment gateways can be done with the following:

  •   E-commerce platforms
  •   Shopping cart software
  •   Accounting and billing solutions
  •   Point of sale systems
  • Why should you use the crypto currency payment gateways?

    There is a plethora of reasons that makes a customer utilize the digital currency payment service. Let us have a look at them:

  • The codes used in the currency ensure that it is not prone to online hacking. Hence, the security is at the highest level.
  • Since the crypto currency is decentralized in nature, its payment services are also not under anyone�s control or authority. As such, it is available to everyone out there who want to use it.
  • The transaction is 100% anonymous, which once again makes it secure and guard against the online scammers since your payment details are not handed to them.
  • The popularity of crypto currency as the mode of payment

    The crypto currency in the current market can be accepted both online and in person. But the online payment gateways have acquired the popularity and acceptance everywhere in the world because of its convenience. In order to ensure the online transactions, you have to make sure that there is a payment gateway that accepts the crypto currency.

    Bitcoin online payments seems to be the most common one that is used by the business ventures. In order to offer the crypto currency payment solutions, the service providers offer website plug-ins using Magento, WordPress, ZenCart, WooCommerce and Saas Platforms. The fee structure is as low as 1%. In fact, there are providers that charge 0% on the first few transactions or up to a certain amount of money.

    Is it possible to accept the digital currency payments face to face?

    You must have noticed that the majority of the crypto currency payments are online. But there are some merchants who don�t hesitate to initiate the payments on a face to face payment platform as well. This is usually done via an EPOS system or an app.

    When the crypto currency payment app is at work, there is a unique QR code scanning done at the time of the checkout. This ensures that a secure and safe payment is initiated. BitPay is one such company that provides such crypto currency payment app. In case, you use the Bitcoin, you might be offered a card for the same.

    Similar to the crypto currency payment app, the functioning of the EPOS system is also executed. As a user, you will be asked to scan, like a bar code, get the unique QR code that gets generated via your digital currency wallet during the checkout.

    Benefits of using Bitcoin payment services

    Out of all the crypto currencies that are in the operational mode in the current market, Bitcoin is the most popular and widely used one for payment services. What are the benefits of using the Bitcoin payment services? Let us have a look.

  • If you have a business venture with a global customer base, you don�t have to worry about the fees and charges involving the currency exchanges.
  • Since the blockchain makes use of the public ledger technology, there never comes a question about frauds and scams.
  • The confirmation of the transaction takes hardly 10 minutes and sometimes even lesser.
  • It is the blockchain technology that makes the whole process of payment 100% secure.
  • The processing fees or charges are also lower.
  • You don�t have to pay any monthly fees for the subscription of the payment gateway.
  • Furthermore, you also don�t have to keep any savings or payment processing or using the services.
  • When compared to the traditional or the fiat currency payment systems, the crypto currency payments are more efficient and reliable.
  • The above mentioned are some of the prime reasons that makes the Bitcoin payment gateways so popular, especially among the business ventures and the enterprises. If you run a business, start utilizing the Bitcoin Payment systems today and benefit as well.


    There are several payment gateways for the crypto currencies, particularly Bitcoin. Let us now have a look at them.


    BitPay is one of the leading and well known Bitcoin payment service providers that started its operation in the early 2011. Thanks to the availability of the BitPay app as it aids in the conversion of the crypto currency into 8 fiat or traditional currencies for the bank deposits in 38 nations of the world. Some of the highlighting features include:

  • It accepts both the Bitcoin and the Bictoin cash for your business.
  • You can safely store both the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.
  • You convert the Bitcoin into US dollars and use it anywhere in the world.
  • CoinBase 

    If you are looking for the safest and the easiest way of crypto currency payment gateways for your business enterprise, there is perhaps no better option than CoinBase. You can operate your business from anywhere in the world hassle free and get to enjoy an international customer base. Some of the highlighting aspects are:

  • Security and safety of payment transactions are always given the top notch priority.
  • You can enjoy a borderless payment system. � Build a global customer base and operate the business from anywhere around the world.
  • There is always an update of the payment gateway with new and improved tools and innovation.
  • Coinify

    Coinify denotes to an excellent alternative payment option that can be used globally. The payment gateway supports 15 blockchain currencies for transaction and conversion at a very low and affordable rate. You can accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or for that matter any other crypto currencies and get the payout in your national currency.

    What are the striking features?

  • It is highly flexible in nature because of its easy integration on multiple platforms.
  • The payment flow or process is completely automatic in nature.
  • The process of transaction is 100% secure, which makes its fraud or scam proof.
  • GoUrl

    OIt is one of the leading international providers of online crypto currency payment service solutions. The payment gateway is a platform or a forum where the consumers and the vendors get the chance of interacting with each other is a seamless environment. The whole process is powered by the protocols that are supported by Bitcoins and Altcoins.

    Some highlighting aspects of GoUrl are as follows:

  • An open source platform
  • 100% free of charge without any transaction fees or monthly fees
  • You don�t need to have any bank account
  • There is also no need of any ID requirement
  • The payment gets delivered directly to your Bitcoin or Altcoin wallets
  • The whole transaction is anonymous in nature
  • As per the risks are concerned, it is almost nil
  • Rocketr

    This is one such crypto currency payment gateway that offers unlimited possibilities to the merchants and customers. The payment platform aids in the selling of codes, software, files, programs, services and others. Moreover, Rocketr also offers with the apt tools that helps you to sell your digital products and services without any hassle. Rocketr has the potential to accept Paypal, Stripe credit cards, Bitcoin cash etc., as the payment modes as well.

    The online sales, are no doubt, very risky, because of the fact that you are dealing with someone who is an absolute stranger, and you don�t know anything about him/her. Moreover, the stranger might be located miles away, which makes taking legal action in case of a dispute or a fraud way expensive and something impossible.

    Let us get an insight into the highlighting features:

  • Rocketr allows you accept and handle multiple payment methods without any hassles.
  • The integrations are very simple with the crypto currency payment gateway where you just need to copy and paste.
  • The transaction costs or fees are very low and easily affordable.
  • The customer care support is always satisfactory.
  • Blockonomics

    Blockonomics is a Bitcoin payment solution that is decentralized in nature and doesn�t operate under any authority or control. The payment gateway allows you control your own Bitcoin and also improve the crypto currency wallets that you own. The payment gateway supports all forms of HD wallets. The payment gateways helps you to be your very own bank.

    The features that are noteworthy include:

  •  Get your payment directly into your crypto currency wallet.
  •  The payment is instant without any delay.
  •  The integration is absolutely easy and simple.
  •  The whole invoice can be kept anonymous.
  • CoinGate

    This is one crypto currency payment solution platform that allows the business ventures to accept the Bitcoin as well Altcoin payments and receive the payouts in currencies like USD, EUR and BTC. CoinGate can be a solution to varying business needs. Some of them include:

  •  Point of sale applications
  •  APIs
  •  E-commerce
  • The best part is that CoinGate accepts the payment services in a smart phone.

    Some of the highlighting features include:

  •  Initiation of payments via Android or iOS mobile devices
  •  The speed and the performance of the payment gateway doesn�t get impacted when on the move.
  •  The interface is very simple and user friendly.
  •  It is easy for any beginner to use
  • XB terminal

    The XB Terminal allows you to make payments from any smart phone with helps of a mobile Bitcoin wallet via the NFC. You have to keep in mind that you have to make use of only the Android device. While using the offline mobile device payment mode, it is executed via the Bluetooth, which is also for only the Android devices. This payment gateway is considered the best for those merchants who doesn�t have the obligation of a fixed point of sales.

    The highlighting features of XB Termina are:

  •  Both online and offline mobile payments can be executed.
  •  The process of payment is really secure
  •  The payment process is super fast
  • The above mentioned are some of the popular and well known crypto currency payment gateways. If you own an online or an offline business venture, you need to consider the pros and cons of each of each of the payment gateways and then make a decision. When you don�t have the experience in respect to the crypto currency payment solution, you will get an abundance of information on the web and gain knowledge.

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